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5 components

There are five components of LaKar Enterprise that interact closely with each other, and also with other consumers, when appropriate. The philosophy of treatment recognizes the totality of the individual in his or her life situation. This includes the interconnection of multiple dimensions from biomedical to spiritual, as well as external relationships of the individual to the family and larger social groups. 

Drug & Alcohol Evaluations Dui/Treatment Intervention Services

Provides the tools for a DUI offender to fulfill court requirements, such as attending DUI class, undergo a clinical evaluation, and complete any treatment recommended by the DUI clinical evaluator. Our DUI clinical evaluations are conducted by an approved professional who is certified in the field of addiction. The evaluator will assess and provide recommendations for treatment that best help our clients. LaKar Enterprise is a state approved DUI center and can be verified by the state registry to assist with your needs.


Substance use and Addiction treatment provide professionally directed evaluation, treatment, and recovery services to persons with substance related disorders. Interventions are provided by licensed independent practitioners and/or certified alcohol and addiction counselors. These services are provided through individual and group modalities.Treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual and guided by an individualized treatment plan based on a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment of the individual and his/her family.


The Partner Abuse Intervention Program offers group and individual counseling that helps participants recognize and understand their varying abusive behaviors and refrain from intimate partner violence. PAIP is all inclusive for males, females, and LGBTQ and it meets state protocols for domestic violence programming. It is also approved by the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) and local court system. Although participation is not voluntary, individuals may fulfill a court mandate by successfully completing this program. All services are provided in a caring, supportive, culturally competent environment and are completely confidential.


Focus on young drivers’ high school and college driving capabilities to prevent incidence of driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs. Also teaching them the laws, policies and effects of driving while impaired. Clients will have the opportunity to meet with former DUI participants via zoom, teams, or in-person.

APFC- Adults Preparing for Change

The Recidivism reduction program integrates substance abuse treatment with social emotional health, and educational services. Our target population is adults transitioning from the adult correctional facilities and or individuals who have been impacted by DUI, court mandates, and or inability to pay.

"At first I thought that I didn't need the class but it was court ordered and a much better alternative. In the beginning it seemed to be based on opinion rather than facts but I learned alot that I never ever thought about and I learned alot about myself and about domestic violence. I found myself to be guilty of some of the problems that caused domestic violence. But most of all I learn things I never knew and coping mechanisms to keep this from happening again, I take full responsibility for my reason in being here. It's my fault. It could have been totally avoided."
Class Participant